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Pinterest Growth, Test 4 simple steps today!

A few years ago, when I learned that Pinterest could make a difference in my marketing, I decided to give it some attention and start using my Pinterest account with a business focus. I changed my personal Pinterest account to a business account AND I implemented some optimization tips that I learned from blogs and YouTube. This slight change of my lens enabled some significant change and I was able to see some gains. Engagement and traffic to my site grew in ways it hadn’t since I first launched.

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I’m an Etsy seller, Do I really HAVE TO do inventory management? 4 reasons why you should!

If you’re a maker selling products or just starting out with your product-based business, formally managing your inventory is probably the last thing you are thinking about. However, as your business grows and your sales channels diversify, sales will increase and the need for tracking sales, stock and supplies will be critical. A solid inventory management process will save you tons of time and headaches.

Establishing a process can feel overwhelming and time-consuming but this information should help you just as it helped me. This is part one of a series on Inventory Management that will be posted over the next month, so be sure to look out for each post as we dig deeper into the elusive “Inventory Management” process. I’m NOT AN EXPERT, I am a maker selling products and learning right along with you. I’ve done some research and have put some things into practice so I am hoping to steer you in the right direction and links to additional resources will be available throughout each post. Check them out so you can learn more about what may be applicable to your specific business. Let’s get to it!

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Doesn’t everyone delay pursuing their dreams? If you know me personally or if you’ve come across my Instagram stories you KNOW I love to talk. I love to tell a story and I would like to think they are pretty entertaining and my narration is quite animated. I’ve been talking a lot about pursuing my dreams, now I am doing it.

Prior to these last few years, I’ve never really had any true fear and/or anxiety about anything. If I wanted to do something, I just did it. As long as I was willing to deal with the consequence(s) then I was good… the only thing you can’t come back from is death, right?

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