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I’m an Etsy seller, Do I really HAVE TO do inventory management? 4 reasons why you should!

If you’re a maker selling products or just starting out with your product-based business, formally managing your inventory is probably the last thing you are thinking about. However, as your business grows and your sales channels diversify, sales will increase and the need for tracking sales, stock and supplies will be critical. A solid inventory management process will save you tons of time and headaches.

Establishing a process can feel overwhelming and time-consuming but this information should help you just as it helped me. This is part one of a series on Inventory Management that will be posted over the next month, so be sure to look out for each post as we dig deeper into the elusive “Inventory Management” process. I’m NOT AN EXPERT, I am a maker selling products and learning right along with you. I’ve done some research and have put some things into practice so I am hoping to steer you in the right direction and links to additional resources will be available throughout each post. Check them out so you can learn more about what may be applicable to your specific business. Let’s get to it!

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I got accepted to a craft show, now what?

So you’ve decided to take that next step with your handmade products and you’ve applied and have been accepted to your first show. Now the fun begins and you need a craft show checklist.

After I left my full-time job, I learned quite a bit over the last few years from vending at craft shows. I feel pretty confident this year so I have set some lofty goals for shows. Lots of show, mean lots of planning. Since I am in full planning mode I decided to create a series of posts, this is the first, that I hope will help if you are just getting started or if you need a little push with getting organized.

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It’s early January and most of us are still feeling optimistic about a new year and showing gratitude for a fresh start, EVERYONE is happy! Everyone is happy and grateful, aren’t they? Unfortunately, we aren’t. If this always a true statement, we would be living in a very different world.

Though I’m not always feeling “big grin, teeth showing happy”, I enjoy seeing others basking in the glow of happiness. Since I enjoy seeing that happy glow, it made sense to try to do more things that would result in that glow, more things to make someone else feel “big grin, teeth showing happy”. YES, “big grin, teeth showing happy” is a technical term.

I know what you’re thinking. How can I get my own big grin, teeth showing results?

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Sunglasses and Advil, last night was mad real. MAAAAD REAL!

These days those words don’t ever apply to me but that doesn’t mean I don’t have flashbacks every time I hear them.

I’ve tried a multitude of “cures” and my favorite has always been a greasy, heavy breakfast the morning after the fun, A.K.A the morning OF the TERRIBLE hangover. I did a little looking around, you know, talking to “the google” and I found a few good hangover cures that you should try.

I am going to be relying on your expertise from now on because I won’t have another hangover, ever. Yeah yeah, never say never but I doubt it, STRONGLY doubt it.

Let’s take a look at some of the fun ways to kick a hangover’s ass!

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