Plan with me! Weekly Planner Layout in a few easy steps

These weekly planner layout posts are turning into a regular thing. Should I just go ahead and make it official, should I do a plan with me every week? My focus with these weekly layouts is simple and easy to accomplish layouts for folks who are busy or just starting on their bullet journal or planning journey. Let me know in the comments below if I should officially make this “plan with me” a weekly thing.

Now, let’s get this one started.

Planner Layout Guidelines

Get your notebook out and open it to your next set of facing pages and create your guidelines in pencil. This week we are making a spread with a vertical orientation so we are creating guidelines across two pages for 6 boxes, 3 boxes per page. Light guidelines here folks, you will be erasing them later.

Add Ink to your plan

Once you’ve completed your guidelines we are adding your official ink. Get your favorite pen out and start by writing your days of the week in the center of the top section of your boxes. Once your days are written, use your ruler to outline your guidelines in ink.

Erase, Erase, Erase

Now that your boxes are outlined and you have your days of the week written, let’s erase your original pencil lines and plug in additional information like the month and the actual dates for the week.

Add some color

Now let’s kick this layout up a notch and add some color! I added some stickers and just used a matching pen to outline the numbers and add some lines. Simple and easy touches but they add some subtle color. You can choose whatever colors you prefer, in the last plan with me post, I used pink and green.

Add your tasks, plan your week

The point of a plan with me is to help you plan! Now that your layout is complete, you need to use it. Get all your “to-do” items for the week listed and have fun getting things accomplished this week! Let me know how it goes.

Tools that I used:

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