Hi there!  I am LeeAnn Brissett, an Artist and Maker currently located in Sunny Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

In 2017 I made serious decisions and moves toward pursuing the life of my dreams. One of those decisions was to get serious about my art practice and sell my work through a product-based business.

Since then, I have been on quite a journey and hills and valleys are an understatement! The good news is, with every failure and misstep I have learned so much. So much that it changed my outlook and has given me clarity on how I want to move forward.

Clarity has led me here!  The Crewdly Made Work + Shop is a black woman-owned and operated workshop designed to support Artists, Creatives, and Makers working on small-batch, product-based businesses. As my business evolves so will the offered goods and services. Currently, I am one woman shop and I provide Letterpress/Screen Printing services, business operations support and the Work + Shop houses the brands: Annierocket and Add Pink and Stir.

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