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Incredibly easy Habit Tracking, with these 3 tips!

This year, instead of resolutions I am creating good habits! My days, probably like yours, are super busy and I have very little spare time so I was in need of something to make tracking these new habits simple and easy.

I did some digging and as a result, I came up with these 3 tips that have made it easier for me to stay on track (pun intended). Implement one or all three of these steps and they should add some ease to your habit tracker practice.

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It’s early January and most of us are still feeling optimistic about a new year and showing gratitude for a fresh start, EVERYONE is happy! Everyone is happy and grateful, aren’t they? Unfortunately, we aren’t. If this always a true statement, we would be living in a very different world.

Though I’m not always feeling “big grin, teeth showing happy”, I enjoy seeing others basking in the glow of happiness. Since I enjoy seeing that happy glow, it made sense to try to do more things that would result in that glow, more things to make someone else feel “big grin, teeth showing happy”. YES, “big grin, teeth showing happy” is a technical term.

I know what you’re thinking. How can I get my own big grin, teeth showing results?

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